Steve Marsh, reviewer of Guitar Magazine, enthusiastically describes Zucker’s compositions in the 2012 CD, “Soundscapes of the Americas” in this way: “Zucker illustrates here that she is a composer of note; there is nothing here which drops below superb.”

The extensive and interesting program notes provided by the renowned flautist, Laurel Zucker, tell of her extensive traveling through North, Central and South America and the works on this disc reflect these explorations through a program of descriptive, expressive and very enjoyable compositions. Shades of Villa-lobos dwell in parts of the opening track “Brazilian Sounds” scored for flute, guitar and cello, and this influence spills over into “Tears of the Amazon.” The natural world was the stimulation behind the enchanting “Celtic Snowflakes,” where the harp is highly suggestive of gentle snowflakes, and the tallest flying bird native to South and Central America, “The Jabiru” has a complete 3 movement suite for flute and cello dedicated to it. Capybaras, caimen and spider monkeys are musically depicted here. The longest work is the 5 movement South American Suite for flute and guitar. The inspiration here comes from forestry, an anaconda and the excitement felt by the composer traveling through such hostile territory — a “makes you jump moment” comes at the conclusion of movement 3 which features the flute technique called “jet whistle” — yet another nod in the direction of Villa-lobos who wrote a work for flute and cello titled after this technique.

The Just Plain Folks Awards awarded her first prize for her CD Inflorescence, which featured Laurel’s Solo flute music.

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